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At SwaJoh Consulting, we specialize in generating high-quality leads on LinkedIn. With a proven track record across diverse industries, we deliver sustainable results for brands. Let us supercharge your lead generation efforts on LinkedIn.

Our goal is to assist businesses and individuals in achieving success on LinkedIn by equipping them with the necessary knowledge, tools, and assistance to reach their objectives. LinkedIn is vital for establishing professional connections, expanding networks, and fostering business growth. At SwaJoh

low-angle photography of man in the middle of buidligns
low-angle photography of man in the middle of buidligns


Transform Your LinkedIn Presence with SwaJoh

Welcome to SwaJoh's LinkedIn marketing services, where we specialize in helping businesses of all sizes take their LinkedIn presence to the next level. With the power of LinkedIn, you have access to a vast network of professionals and potential customers. But are you making the most of this platform to generate leads, build your brand, and grow your business? If not, we're here to help.

LinkedIn Profile Setup

We will guide you through setting up a compelling and professional LinkedIn profile. We ensure all sections are complete, optimized, and aligned with your personal or business branding.

Profile Optimization

We go beyond the basics of profile setup and dive deep into profile optimization. We optimize your headline, summary, experience, and skills sections to maximize visibility and attract the right audience.

Graphics and Design

We create custom graphics and design elements that enhance the visual appeal of your LinkedIn profile. From eye-catching banners to engaging icons, we ensure your profile stands out and leaves a lasting impression.

Content Creation

We craft persuasive and impactful content for your LinkedIn profile. We develop attention-grabbing headlines, compelling summaries, and detailed descriptions that highlight your expertise and captivate your target audience.

tuned on Macbook
tuned on Macbook

Campaign Management

We handle the end-to-end management of your LinkedIn marketing campaigns. Our team develops targeted strategies, creates compelling ad content, monitors campaign performance, and optimizes for maximum results.

Lead Generation

We specialize in LinkedIn lead generation, helping you connect with potential clients, partners, or employers. Our lead-generation strategies include advanced search techniques, personalized messaging, and relationship-building tactics to generate high-quality leads.


We offer personalized consultations to empower you with the knowledge and skills to leverage LinkedIn effectively. Learn best practices, optimize your approach, and stay up-to-date with the latest LinkedIn trends.

unknown person using laptop
unknown person using laptop

Get to know our team members!

John Paul

LinkedIn Outreach Strategist

From demand generation specialist to full-time LinkedIn marketing and lead generation freelancer, I've spent over


Campaign Manager

From a corporate secretaryship graduate to a LinkedIn enthusiast, I'm now a campaign manager, overseeing every aspect


Check out my previous work

Rather than continuing to tell you what I can do, why not take a look for yourself? I’m proud of all my previous projects, and I believe the success I’ve managed to cultivate in the past speaks for itself. Follow the link below to see some of my work.

four men looking to the paper on tablefour men looking to the paper on table

Here's what our customers say

John is a genius for Linkedin Lead generation and can help you get leads & sales!

- Roger Harvey

John is Excellent at Linked In Lead Generation and LinkedIn Marketing. I worked with him for a long time, and his work was good. He got us actual sales (not just leads) and was very prompt and a good communicator.

-Abhishek Singh

John is a capable freelancer and knowledgeable about LinkedIn connection building

- Kirky

John has a strong sense of responsibility and attention to detail, which helps our company to enhance its customer base due to the quality of work provided. John has been a great talent within our team. I have seen him grow as an excellent resource.

-Mark T

John Paul worked with us as a freelance lead generator and growth assistant for nearly a year. He is very knowledgeable on many automation and lead generation platforms and is quick to reply. I highly recommend him.

-David Donihue